A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Changing some lights in an apartment? This should be a breeze! You're a gig worker on TaskHare who's accepted a last minute job on Halloween morning. Unbeknownst to you, the three roommates you're helping out are not what they appear (not to mention whatever their costumes are).


  • A short ~5,000 word script for about a 20-30 minute single play through
  • Navigate your interactions with the cast in any order with text that changes according to your choices
  • A costume contest that leads to one of three endings
  • Original sprites, emojis, music, and SFX
  • Three fully voiced NPCs
  • Extra Rooms: Music, Replay, Achievements
  • Accessibility Options: OpenDyslexic font, image and sound descriptions


Other Credits

UI / Accessibility Features — Ren'Py All-In-One GUI Template (with Ren'Py Accessibility Add-On and Caption Tool for Ren'Py)

Font  — Germania One 

Creative commons assets (backgrounds, some SFX) are credited in the game.

Log Line

You just need to change these lights before you can get back to your own Halloween plans, but these weirdo clients have their own agendas.

Content Warnings

Mild language, references to alcohol and drugs, mind reading, bribery, the gig economy, puppets

Install Instructions

Download either the PC/Linux or Mac game.

Unzip the file.

Go to the folder containing the unzipped file and run the .exe of the game.

Created for Spooktober 2021


ChangeTheLights-1.1-pc-linux.zip 114 MB
ChangeTheLights-1.1-mac.zip 79 MB


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Awww the characters are so adorable. Short and cute and fun X3


Thank you!!

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Thanks for sharing this! ^^


This was lovely! I adored all of the cast, the art, the music, the voice acting, the story - it was all super good. Your crew worked hard and it shows! Great job!


Thanks! Everyone worked hard on this, so I’m glad you enjoyed it!


This was a blast! The characters are all a lot of fun (Clara being my favorite), and the full voice acting adds such a lovely layer of polish! I also love the musical references in the soundtrack! <3

Very impressive jam submission! ^^


Thank you!!